Message from Chairman

We are living in a rapidly changing world, one where new technologies and new ways of working emerge on a continuous basis. Employers are looking for graduates who not only have very high levels of technical knowldge, but who think differently and who understand the global village we live in.
At SVCE, our job is to ensure that what our students learn and how they acquire that knowledge equips them for this brave new world. We deliver a differentiated education; one that is practical and applied in nature, with internships and industry-based projects a feature of many of our courses. Ours is a global campus,
Our students consistently tell us that they regard SVCE as a home away from home. At SVCE, we work hard to make sure that your individuality is respected, and that we do everything possible to help you fulfil your potential. Continued success in your studies, we look forward to being part of your story.

Thank you
V Muniyappa


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