Academic Excellence



Electronics and Communication Engineering

Recognized as a leading center for academic excellence in creating dynamic technocrats and researchers in the field, the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering at SVCE nurtures students with a sound technical foundation through efficient teaching-learning processes and state–of–the–art infrastructure. The Department is focused on instilling ethical values, leadership attributes, lifelong learning, individual and teamwork capabilities amongst the students through holistic education. The UG and research programs highlight passing cutting-edge expertise with forward-looking pedagogy while addressing the underlying concerns linked to the domain.

Computer Science and Engineering

The Department endeavors for academic excellence in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) through the student-centric innovative teaching-learning process, competent faculty members, efficient assessment, and effective use of ICT. With globally competent UG and research programs to impart current skills and industry trends relevant to the subject, the Department of CSE is focused on training dynamic leaders who are qualified to take on the roles that the future demands. The Department is also constantly engaged in promoting collaborative research through Industry-Institute Interaction in the various verticals of Computer Science and Engineering, transforming the engineering aspirants to a socially responsible, ethical, technically skilled, and value-added professional or entrepreneur.

Computer Science and Engineering (Artificial Intelligence)

The institution aims at providing the best knowledge, skills, expertise and motivation to the students. To achieve this it is required to facilitate improved faculty performance in a variety of domains including institutional, intellectual, personal, social, and pedagogical.

Information Science and Engineering

With state-of-the-art infrastructure combined with highly-skilled faculty members experts in areas of Machine Learning, Computer Intelligence, and Data Science, the Department of Information Science and Engineering at SVCE has a proven track record of excellence in academics and has enabled many aspirants to write their success stories. With an industry-vetted curriculum covering the major and upcoming trends of the domain, the Department is a favored destination for top-notch global companies to hire the right talent for various emerging roles.

Mechanical Engineering

Since its commencement, the Department of Mechanical Engineering is known for offering exceptional education and research opportunities, creating quality Engineers engaged in the service of humanity embedded with discipline and honor. The Department, with profoundly qualified teaching staff and advanced laboratories, has been shaping up aspiring mechanical engineers by delivering outstanding wisdom and enhancing their skills to make them job-ready in today’s competitive environment. The Department regularly hosts several workshops, seminars, and symposiums to offer a platform for the students, faculty members to create, interpret, apply, and disseminate knowledge amongst their peers and industry experts.


The Department of Mechatronics at SVCE was established in 2018 and offers a 4-year B.E course in Mechatronics with an integrated curriculum to provide a broad-based education in the basic principles of electrical, electronics, computing, mechanical & control systems.

Civil Engineering

Acknowledged for being at the forefront of academia and research with a broad focus on several elements of Civil Engineering practices, the Department of Civil Engineering features robust faculty, comprehensive labs, and supportive resources to train the aspirants to become responsible civil engineers. Engaged in disseminating knowledge through an effective teaching learning process, the Department delivers rigorous hands-on training on Civil Engineering software tools to build the competencies and abilities among students and faculty with concern for Environment and Society. The Department also has several extensive research study being carried out and has been actively involved in conducting various seminars, workshops, and more to provide an arena for sharing and gaining information on the latest developments in the industry.

Basic Science

Providing an interdisciplinary approach with strong essence and ethics of the Engineering branch, the Department of Basic Sciences is dedicated to foster the understanding of basic scientific principles to young learners. The Department offers several UG and research programs and is fully equipped to meet the demands of the dynamic world of technology. With well-versed faculty and resources, the Department of Basic Science has been conducive in conferring a model of development through numerous innovative programs, research initiatives, industry-institute partnerships to name a few. Furthermore, the Department aims to deliver the best for society by imparting quality education to stimulate the spirit of inquiry in the students, a passion to acquire skills, knowledge to enrich their lives to widen their intellectual and entrepreneurship qualities.

Master of Business Administration

Designed to introduce learners to the various disciplines of business such as Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, etc. MBA programs always attract students from a wide range of academic backgrounds. The diverse MBA programs at SVCE are designed to support students explore the latest trends in the business world and be prepared to adapt to the changing business environment as they qualify to become professionals. With the vision to produce globally skilled management executives and entrepreneurs with strong ethical values, the students are also inspired to cultivate a spirit of entrepreneurship for enhancing job creation and innovation.


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